People Like Dealing with People

Customer Experience

April 3, 2023

By Kimberly Oropesa

People Like Dealing with People

There has been a lot of digital and technical advances recently which has meant that many of the interactions we have in our daily lives may begin with an automated system of some kind from a recorded telephone service which guides the caller through a series of pre-set questions to using a virtual chatbot on a website.

Even though the maritime industry has been slower in adopting these advances in technology, the industry is now starting to realize that a certain amount of automation can help free seafarers and shore-side staff from some of the more mundane administrative duties, allowing them to focus on more important tasks which need human intervention and interaction.

At ShipMoney, we know that our card holders prefer a personal approach rather than dealing with an automated system and so, in my role as Crew Liaison Manager (CLM), I make it my key priority to deal directly with seafarers in need of help with our eWallet & debit card program.

My aim is to ensure that our card members are empowered to manage their finances using ShipMoney’s proprietary payment platform which has been developed with seafarers in mind.

Face to face training is a very important component as I can guide our card members through the various options they have using either their physical or virtual cards. These hands-on seminars cover using the ShipMoney app, withdrawing cash from ATMs, online money transfers, updating user profiles and bespoke advice based on each individuals’ circumstances.

It also means that I can address any questions or concerns they might have regarding our pre-paid card program as, for a lot of our seafarers, it may be the first time that they’ve used a digital payments system. Being able to transfer money using Western Union and MoneyGram and scheduling payments is a completely new concept for many of them.

My role is sometimes very challenging but always rewarding. The feedback I get after a training session is very positive especially from Filipino card holders as they appreciate being able to converse with me using our mother tongue.

I also help our card holders’ family members too as some live in very remote areas so often unfamiliar with digital transactions and some may not even have a bank account. This is not a problem as family members can be issued with ShipMoney companion cards which means that the primary card holder can transfer money onto these cards giving their families instant access to funds. In this way we are facilitating financial inclusion even in the remotest locations around the world.

Equally, our corporate clients like our payments system as it reduces their operational costs, improves working capital and mitigates risk such as carrying large amounts of cash onboard which is how many seafarers used to be paid.

Cardholder support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week anywhere in the world and card members can always speak to a person rather than navigate through an impersonal automated system.

With various studies forecasting a shortfall in crew numbers in the coming years, it is important that employers attract and retain talent. Seafarers realize that they can be more choosey when deciding which employer to work with and one of the criteria that crews value is getting paid on time and being listened to by their employers so their needs are understood.

Companies trust us with their most valuable assets, the crew, and we take care of them the same way their companies do. Employers that use ShipMoney know that their seafarers will enjoy instant and transparent access to their wages and payroll advances and get great customer service – anywhere, anytime.


Kimberly Oropesa

Kimberly Oropesa has been a key member of the Crew Liaison team at ShipMoney since October 2019. She regularly makes onboard visits and runs training sessions on the ShipMoney solutions and financial inclusion for crew members.


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