ShipMoney Joins Cruise Line International Association

Maritime Payment Solutions, LLC (d/b/a ShipMoney), a global leader in digital maritime payment solutions, announced that the company has become a member of the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA), the world’s largest cruise industry association.

As a member partner of CLIA, ShipMoney supports the organization’s advocacy efforts as the industry moves towards a restart, as well as initiatives that enhance health and security measures on ships. Additionally, the membership offers ShipMoney access to the latest research and exclusive events related to cruise lines. The company’s headquarters are in Miami, Florida, a city known as the cruise capital of the world and a strategic location given ShipMoney’s heritage with the industry.

ShipMoney’s Founder and President Stuart Ostrow said: “Joining CLIA was a natural step in light of our long history with the industry. The cruise industry is where we first started when we pioneered the development and introduction of payroll card programs for crew members. A major cruise line adopted our program, setting the standard for the entire industry to adopt payroll cards as an efficient and advantageous alternative to cash. We have since evolved the business to provide a comprehensive crew and corporate payment platform, offering our digital solutions to cruise and commercial maritime companies, including MSC Cruises, Maersk and V. Ships.”

Mr. Ostrow further added: “As the cruise line industry prepares to launch on a new beginning, companies are reevaluating all aspects of the market as well as their own operations, including vendors and crew-related payroll card programs. Having introduced the first maritime payroll program, we were there from the inception, and it is fitting that we are there now as the industry starts anew. Becoming a CLIA member helps us support the cruise line industry along with initiatives and policies that will advance its objectives. We are committed to helping the industry in every way possible and have never veered from our exclusive focus on maritime.”