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Innovative Technology

October 17, 2023

In recent years, wearables have emerged as one of the most exciting and transformative trends in the world of technology. These innovative devices, typically worn on the body, offer a wide range of functionalities, from fitness tracking and health monitoring to smart communication and augmented reality experiences. As technology continues to evolve and permeate various aspects of our lives, wearables are poised to become an integral part of our daily routines, transforming how we interact with technology and enhancing our overall well-being.

Over the years, wearables have evolved significantly in terms of design, functionality, and performance. Today, wearables encompass a diverse range of devices, including smartwatches, fitness bands, smart glasses, smart rings, and even smart clothing. With advancements in miniaturization, sensor technology, and battery life, wearables have become more powerful, efficient, and capable of providing a holistic experience.

Biometric Wearables

Flywallet is an innovative startup that has created its own bespoke wearable that connects payment, health monitoring, access control, insurance & mobility services by enclosing them in a single ecosystem. Flywallet’s main product is called Keyble, a new type of biometric wearable that allows the user to authenticate in a seamless but secure way through their biometrics: fingerprint and heart print (detected via EKG). Once authenticated via biometrics, the user can enable a wide range of services in the above-mentioned categories, proving their real identity. 

Moreover, Keyble can monitor all five basic vital signs – heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure trend, skin temperature, and respiratory rate – and perform some fundamental medical analysis – cardiac arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation (Afib), tachycardia & bradycardia – with medical-grade: indeed, Flywallet is certifying Keyble as a medical device in Europe, and not only. Keyble allows also us to monitor stress levels and sleep quality, to foster a holistic approach to health.

But Keyble is not only the most secure wearable for authentication and a strong solution for health telemonitoring: it is also designed to adapt to the user’s lifestyle, inspired by made-in-Italy fashion and created with eco-sustainable materials. This led Keyble to win the prestigious Good Design award assigned by the Chicago Athenaeum.

Briefly, Flywallet’s vision is to make people’s lives more simple, secure, and safe, thanks to biometric authentication and health monitoring through wearables. To rapidly scale its impact in the world, Flywallet set a B2B strategy to involve companies in this change:

Connecting Flywallet’s platform through APIs, each Flywallet partner can benefit from the wearable’s features and offer value-added, data-enabled services to their customers and/or employees to redesign their experiences.

Maritime and Wearables

The crew is a valuable asset to the maritime industry both in the leisure and commercial segments. The growth in demand and competition for crew has led to the adoption of bespoke benefits for seafarers by some ship owners and operators to improve retention. This ranges from greater connectivity while onboard, so the crew can keep in contact with family and friends, improved living quarters and facilities such as gyms, better food provision, and the creation of seafarer pension funds.

Flywallet welcomes these improvements in crew working conditions and has identified the maritime sector as one of the industries that could benefit from the adoption of wearables. It feels that consolidating a range of functionalities into a single wearable device for both crew and leisure passengers can help the industry become more sustainable through digitizing IDs, payment passes, and key cards.

Fitness and Health Monitoring

Fitness tracking remains one of the primary uses for wearables. Whether users are fitness enthusiasts or more casual exercisers, Keyble can track various metrics such as steps taken, distance traveled, heart rate, sleep quality, and even stress levels. Keyble can provide real-time insights into users’ health and fitness, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

In addition, the wearable can monitor all the basic vital signs with medical grade -, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure trend, skin temperature, and respiratory rate – and is getting the certification as a medical device, enabling users and healthcare professionals to manage chronic conditions, detect dangerous arrhythmias, better and improve the quality of care. The continuous monitoring capabilities of wearables also offer early detection of potential health issues, leading to timely interventions.

Communication and Connectivity

Wearable technology has transformed the way we stay connected and interact with our digital lives. It allows us to receive notifications, answer calls, reply to messages, and control other smart devices directly from our wrists. The benefit is improved productivity and the ability of the user to be kept fully informed at all times. 

As the maritime industry continues to embrace these new smart technologies, the health and wellbeing of its workforce will improve along with greater operational efficiencies which will also lead to a more sustainable future.


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