Celebrating the Annual Day of the Seafarer: Honoring the Unsung Heroes of the Maritime World

Supporting Seafarers

July 10, 2023

By John Belesis

Celebrating the Annual Day of the Seafarer Honoring the Unsung Heroes of the Maritime World

Every year, on June 25th, the maritime industry unites to celebrate the Annual Day of the Seafarer. This special day aims to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions made by seafarers to global trade, the economy, and our daily lives. From transporting goods across vast oceans to ensuring the safety of maritime routes, seafarers play a crucial role in maintaining the global economy and connecting nations. Let’s dive deeper into the significance of the Day of the Seafarer, highlight the challenges faced by seafarers, and underscore the importance of supporting their welfare.

Understanding the Day of the Seafarer:

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) designated June 25th as the Day of the Seafarer in 2010, with the inaugural celebration taking place on June 25, 2011. This observance aims to honor the world’s seafarers and bring attention to their significant contributions to global trade. Each year, the IMO chooses a specific theme to raise awareness about critical issues affecting seafarers.

The Day of the Seafarer serves as an occasion to celebrate the vital role seafarers play in the global economy. According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), more than 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea, and seafarers are responsible for ensuring these goods reach their destinations safely and efficiently. Without their hard work and dedication, the global economy would grind to a halt. Seafarers are also responsible for maintaining the safety and security of maritime routes, navigating vessels through treacherous waters, and responding to emergencies when they arise.

Challenges Faced by Seafarers:

Seafarers encounter numerous challenges in their demanding profession due to the nature of their work. The long months spent away from their families and loved ones can take a toll on their physical and mental well-being. They also face dangerous work environments, harsh weather conditions, and uncertainties that can cause stress and anxiety. Additionally, seafarers face the risk of piracy and other criminal activities while at sea, which can result in physical harm and financial loss. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these challenges, with many seafarers unable to return home due to restrictions on travel.

Themes and Objectives:

Each year, the Day of the Seafarer focuses on a particular theme to shed light on critical aspects of seafarers’ lives. Themes in recent years have included “Seafarers’ Well-being” and “Seafarers Matter.” The objectives of the annual celebration include raising awareness about the essential role seafarers play, promoting their well-being, and encouraging governments, ship owners, and the global community to take action to support seafarers.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has called for greater support for seafarers’ welfare, stressing the importance of ensuring their physical and mental health. In 2021, the IMO has chosen “Fair Future for Seafarers” as the theme for the Day of the Seafarer, highlighting the need for fair treatment of seafarers and addressing the challenges they face. The theme also aims to draw attention to the crucial role seafarers played during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that the world had access to essential goods like medical supplies and food.

Supporting Seafarers’ Welfare:

In recent years, there has been growing awareness of the challenges faced by seafarers, and many organizations are campaigning for better working conditions and welfare support. For example, the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) sets out specific requirements for seafarers’ living and working conditions, ensuring their safety and well-being while on board. The campaign “Wellness at Sea” aims to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being among seafarers, offering resources and support to help them cope with the challenges of their work.

The Seafarers’ Welfare Fund Society (SWFS), International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), and Mission to Seafarers are just a few examples of organizations working to enhance seafarers’ welfare. These organizations provide support services such as counseling, connectivity, access to medical care, and assistance with crew changes.

Call to Action:

The Day of the Seafarer presents an opportunity for governments, maritime industry stakeholders, and the general public to recognize the dedication and sacrifice of seafarers and advocate for their rights and well-being. Governments must ensure the implementation of international regulations that safeguard seafarers’ rights, facilitate crew changes, and prioritize their vaccination. The maritime industry should strive to improve working conditions and mental health support, while individuals can contribute by raising awareness, supporting seafarers’ welfare organizations, and expressing gratitude for the vital work they perform.

Day of the Seafarer is recognized by the United Nations as an observance day.

Preserving Our Oceans: Seafarers’ Contribution to Protecting the Marine Environment on the Day of the Seafarer 2023

The Annual Day of the Seafarer, celebrated on June 25th, serves as a powerful platform to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions of seafarers to various aspects of the maritime industry. In line with the World Maritime theme for 2023, this year’s campaign focuses on highlighting seafarers’ significant role in protecting the marine environment. This article explores the vital contributions of seafarers in safeguarding our oceans, the challenges they face, and the collective responsibility to promote sustainable maritime practices.

The Importance of Protecting the Marine Environment:

The marine environment is a vital ecosystem that supports life on Earth. Oceans contribute to climate regulation, provide a source of food and livelihood for millions of people, and house a vast array of biodiversity. However, factors such as pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, and climate change pose severe threats to marine ecosystems. It is crucial to adopt sustainable practices that ensure the protection and preservation of our oceans for present and future generations.

Seafarers as Stewards of the Sea:

Seafarers play a significant role in safeguarding the marine environment through their adherence to international regulations and best practices. They are responsible for implementing and enforcing measures to prevent marine pollution, including proper disposal of waste, adherence to ballast water management standards, and compliance with stringent fuel and emissions regulations. Additionally, seafarers actively contribute to monitoring and reporting illegal activities such as oil spills, waste dumping, and harmful fishing practices.

Promoting Sustainable Maritime Practices:

The Day of the Seafarer 2023 campaign aims to raise awareness about sustainable maritime practices and highlight the role of seafarers as stewards of the sea. It emphasizes the importance of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint, minimizing waste generation, and adopting innovative technologies to enhance energy efficiency. Encouraging the use of eco-friendly practices such as sustainable fishing, responsible tourism, and the protection of sensitive marine areas is essential for preserving the marine environment.

Challenges Faced by Seafarers in Environmental Protection:

While seafarers are at the forefront of protecting the marine environment, they encounter several challenges in their mission. Limited resources and infrastructure on board vessels, inadequate training on environmental regulations, and time constraints often pose obstacles to implementing sustainable practices. Additionally, seafarers may face pressure from commercial interests that prioritize cost efficiency over environmental responsibility. Addressing these challenges requires collaboration among governments, maritime organizations, and the industry as a whole.

Collaborative Efforts and Initiatives:

Recognizing the significance of seafarers’ contribution to environmental protection, several initiatives and organizations have emerged to promote sustainable maritime practices. The IMO, through various conventions and programs like the GloFouling Partnerships and the GreenVoyage2050 Project, actively supports the reduction of marine pollution and encourages the adoption of eco-friendly technologies. Additionally, industry-led initiatives, such as the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) and the Sea Cargo Charter, facilitate collaboration among stakeholders to advance sustainability in shipping.

Individual and Collective Responsibility:

On the Day of the Seafarer 2023, it is essential for all stakeholders to recognize their individual and collective responsibility in protecting the marine environment. Governments must enforce environmental regulations, invest in infrastructure and resources, and promote sustainable practices. Shipowners and operators should prioritize eco-friendly technologies, training, and awareness programs for seafarers. Seafarers themselves should continue to embrace their role as environmental stewards and advocate for sustainable practices within their industry.
As we celebrate the Day of the Seafarer 2023, let us acknowledge and appreciate the vital role of seafarers in protecting the marine environment. Through their commitment to sustainable maritime practices, seafarers contribute significantly to preserving our oceans and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. By fostering collaboration, raising awareness, and embracing innovation, we can collectively safeguard our precious marine ecosystems and create a more sustainable maritime industry.

How to join the campaign if you are a seafarer

Seafarers spend a great deal of time at sea and are a big part of the solution when it comes to protecting the marine environment.

As part of the campaign, IMO will be asking seafarers to share a picture of the marine environment surrounding them while at sea, highlighting that the marine environment is worth protecting.

Seafarers see the seas on their voyages, and this provides many opportunities for them to take pictures of the marine environment.

The 2023 campaign hashtag is #OceansWorthProtecting

To all the seafarers, please do share a picture of the marine environment using the hashtag #OceansWorthProtecting.

Be creative, you can share the equipment that is used to protect the environment, any special training you received, and tell about your role in protecting the marine environment while onboard your ship.

For the wider public, to take part in the campaign and show the marine environment that you think is worth protecting using the hashtag and by sharing your pictures on IMO social platforms.

As in previous years, the campaign will be centred on social media so join on any of IMO’s social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Everyone is invited in using their campaign logo, posters and any available visual branding.


The Annual Day of the Seafarer serves as a reminder of the crucial role seafarers play in our interconnected world. Through their resilience, dedication, and expertise, seafarers enable global trade, connecting nations and fostering economic growth. As we celebrate this special day, let us recognize their contributions, address their challenges, and work collectively to ensure the well-being and dignity of these unsung heroes of the maritime world.

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