ShipMoney is an industry leading provider of digital payment solutions for maritime companies throughout the world facilitating crew wages, cash-to-master payments, allotments, international corporate remittances, network payments, money transfers, payroll advances, onboard expenses and all other forms of shoreside and onboard payments.

Maritime Payment Solutions Simplified.

Maritime Moves Cargo, We Move Payments


Historically, crew have been paid with cash onboard and a wire payment sent home. This is a costly and ineffcient way to administer pay that has not changed in decades.

  • Manually reconciling cash advances
  • Managing changes to crew bank beneficiaries
  • Administering payroll through multiple channels
Wires to crew
bank accounts


Companies can now offer crew the flexibility to directly manage their wages, giving them instant access and control as to how, where and when they send money home.

  • Automate the reconciliation of cash advances
  • Allow crew to manage their own beneficiaries
  • Administer payroll through a single system
Single file
Single file
Real time

Maritime Payment Solutions

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Reduces cash-to-master and wire costs, enabling crew to receive and access their wages in real-time, anywhere and everywhere.

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Reduces international wire and foreign exchange costs and administrative burdens to pay suppliers, vendors and agencies.

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Innovative maritime digital payment plaform that transforms the way cross border FX payments are made, offering significant cost-savings and real-time payments.

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Benefits of our Digital Payments Solutions Platform


With ShipMoney, there are no fees/costs to pay crew and you access significant savings on wire-transfer and cash-to-master costs.


Pay an entire crew simultaneously with one file. Do away with the administrative burden of coordinating thousands of payments.

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Seafarers receive the exact amount of their wages in real time on pay day and are supported by a suite of services to help them manage their money.

In Their Words

  • Just wanted to tell you how satisfied and really happy our crew are with ShipMoney.Capt. T
    Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement

  • Thanks for the ShipMoney card, I can send money home, usually cheaper and this is good for me and my family.Aleki S.
    Seafarer from Samoa

  • We are very pleased to offer this system to our crew which allows our seafarers to managed their own payments and reduce the need for cash onboard our ships.Financial Controller
    Campbell Shipping

  • The project has increased safety for our crew as they carry less cash as well as always having the card solution to trust whenever needed.General Manager
    Odfjell Tankers

  • The customer service at ShipMoney is beyond amazing. Always 100% excellent.Leon H.
    Shipboard Operations Support

  • I would like to thank you for all of your efforts from myself and my family.  Thank you once again to the whole team who made this happen.  God bless you and your family from the bottom of my heart.Diego D.
    Seafarer from the Philippines

  • I just started working on a cruise line and I would like to open an account with you instead of what they are providing me. I had a ShipMoney account from a different company and I know how good you are.Charlotte R.
    Crew member from Indonesia

  • I have told Lillia how amazing your company is and how helpful you have been.  Thanks soooooo much for everything.  I have very happy crew now.Lilian G.
    HR Officer

  • I greatly appreciate that you always tried to help me very fast and promptly.  Have a beautiful day and thank you so much for all of your help.Melody J.
    Crew member from Myanmar

  • To the entire ShipMoney Team who helped me resolve every single issue our crew had. This certainly helped in a big way keep my crew happy and I thank you for the almost instant responses to all of my queries.Vindoh M.
    Crew Purser

  • Thank you for your prompt assistance and support. You are the best customer support ever.Tabea W.
    Crew member from Brazil

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